Online Class: Modern Music Notation with Dame Elisabeth Piper

Join Dame Elisabeth Piper for her class: Modern Music Notation. This class is an introduction to the basic concepts of modern music notation. Students will learn to slowly, but accurately, decode musical examples. We will use pianos, electronic keyboards or keyboard apps to explore modern transcriptions of SCA period music. The focus of this class... Continue Reading →

Online Class: Banner Painting 101 with HL Ana de la Sara

Join HL Ana De La Sara for her class Banner Painting 101. The first hour of this class will be a lecture, discussion and display. HL Ana will then continue the class for anyone who would like assistance on hands on practice. This is part of a series of online classes I am hosting through... Continue Reading →

Online Class: Apothecary Tools and Shops: Tools of the Trade with Viscount Seamus O’Caellaigh

Join Viscount Seamus O'Caellaigh, OL for his class Apothecary Tools and Shops: Tools of the Trade. This is an introduction to Apothecary class covering the basic tools used by apothecaries. From mortar and pestles to alembics or herbals, the apothecaries of our period used many tools to treat the patients they saw. For more information... Continue Reading →

Online Class: Norse Wire Weaving taught by Baroness Disa i Birkilundi, OL

Join Baroness Disa to learn about Norse Wire Weaving! wire-weaving-presentationDownload Materials Dowel (I recommend somewhere around 1/2 inch to start)24 gauge wire (artistic wire works nicely but anything should be ok to begin learning)20 gauge wire (only a small amount is needed to finish the piece)Draw platePliers This is part of a series of... Continue Reading →

Online Class: Beekeeping 102 – How I get Everything Sticky with HL Melissa of Dalmatia

Join Honorable Lady Melissa of Dalmatia for her class: Beekeeping 102 - How I get Everything Sticky This is follow up on bees and beekeeping, focusing on wax and honey and how to render them from comb. This is part of a series of online classes I am hosting through Zoom meetings Sundays at... Continue Reading →

Online Class: Redacting Recipes from Primary Sources w/HL Fina

Join Honorable Lady Fina MacGrioghair for her class: Redacting Recipes from Primary Sources. This is a lecture class focusing on methodology of identifying and redacting a period recipe from a primary source. Students will be introduced to a recipe from a period text, and they will be taught methodology for redacting that recipe with... Continue Reading →

Online Class: Woodworking 101 With Baron Alasdair #6 -Fauldstools

Join Baron Alasdair Mac Roibeirt for the sixth in a series of woodworking classes designed to help you build both your skills and your tool kit. This time Alasdair will be teaching you how to make a fauldstool. Fauldstool Class HandoutDownload Tools used will include those discussed in his previous classes and the next... Continue Reading →

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