How To: Attaching Posament

A question I've been asked many times is "how do I put the posament that I've made onto fabric?" My initial plan was to make a video about this but I realized that this process would work better in pictures rather than on video. Many of the posament pieces have been found with very little... Continue Reading →

Video: Square Type Posament

  I've just added a new video to my YouTube channel! An instructional video on how to make the square type posament. There are several posament pieces of this type that have been found at Birka in varying sizes such as the examples below from grave 520 (left) and grave 832 (right). All of these... Continue Reading →

How To: Wire Weaving

I've had several requests to add my wire weaving handout to my blog. I've been teaching wire weaving for eight years and have taught it many times (seventeen official classes and hands on demos but I've also taught it one on one quite a few times as well.) I ¬†also entered two different necklaces into... Continue Reading →

How To: Posament

I get a lot of questions about how to create the knots used for posament. I created a handout showing step by step instructions on each of the common knots used. I've included a printable version of my instructions as well as a my documentation (because I forgot to add it to my previous post!)... Continue Reading →

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