Largess: Waxed Linen Food Covers

I’ve been wanting to come up with some good things that I can create for largess (for non SCA people this is things that are given as gifts and thank yous) that will be handy, relatively inexpensive and lend to a more historically accurate looking group. I love waxed linen covers because they are all of these things!


When I looked into the process of making waxed linen I found several different methods. The one that I used seems to be the least messy and doesn’t leave a lot of excess wax on the linen.


*Linen I prefer medium weight natural linen but if you wanted to do something in color that would work as well. Linen covers come in many different sizes so this is a great way to use any linen scraps you might have!

*Beeswax– I found mine at a local bead shop but there are many other places where it is available and relatively inexpensive.

*Baking Pan– You can get a cheap disposable baking pan at the dollar store. Don’t use a pan that you plan to use again.

*Knife or Cheese Grater– We started by using a cheese grater but a knife seemed to work better with our beeswax.


Cut your linen to the desired size. For cup covers I used a 6″ circle. This should be large enough to work with a variety of sizes.


Shred your beeswax. Luckly I had friends to help me with this part! We tried a cheese grater but a knife worked much better. I wouldn’t recommend the beeswax beads as they will create excess buildup of wax on your linen.


Heat your oven to 200 degrees. Beeswax has a very low melting point so you don’t want your oven any warmer. Place your linen in the pan and evenly sprinkle the beeswax on top. if you spread it evenly around the linen it should cover the linen nicely.



Place the pan in the oven and let the wax melt into the linen. When the wax is completely melted take the linen out of the pan to avoid any extra beeswax building up on the linen.


The covers cool and harden very quickly. You can transport them in a ziplock bag or if you want to be fancy make a bag made from linen or wool for your waxed linen covers!



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  1. Can you direct me to any historic president for these? I am having a tough time getting earlier than the 18th century! Your method is quite easy to follow and works very well!


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