Adventures in Spinning and Fleece: Part 1

Adventures in Spinning and Fleece: Part 1

My current goal is to attempt to learn to spin with a drop spindle as part of a larger research project. My initial plan was to buy some roving and a spindle and have someone show me how this whole thing works. My adventure took a very interesting and unexpected turn when my lovely sister offered me a fleece from one of her Jacob sheep.

Jacobs Sheep

Jacob sheep are a fascinating breed of heirloom sheep that have been found in England since at least the 1600’s. The have a medium fine fleece with no outer coat and can have between two and six horns. I of course accepted her offer as I’m always interested in learning new processes and love the idea of spinning yarn that I prepared myself!

Lots of Dirty Wool

I had a friend who has washed wool before come over and guide me through the process. We washed small batches of wool using just warm water and some dish detergent while being careful not to over agitate it and felt the wool.

Washing Washing Washing!

I now have about a third of the fleece washed and ready to comb/card! On to the next step in my new fiber adventure!