Posament Class Online!

I have been given the opportunity to teach classes on posament quite a few times around An Tir but it isn't always easy for everyone to attend who would like to. I also find that when I take classes, no matter how excited I am about what I'm learning or how much the instructions made... Continue Reading →


Birka Tentrad: The Rediscovery of an Ancient Process

This was my single entry from An Tir Kingdom A&S/Bardic Championship 2017. There are some redundancies from my previous blog posts because I wanted to give a full picture of posament to the judges. My focus this year was on the creation of tentrad. I have also included a PDF version of my documentation. Birka... Continue Reading →

How To: Posament

I get a lot of questions about how to create the knots used for posament. I created a handout showing step by step instructions on each of the common knots used. I've included a printable version of my instructions as well as a my documentation (because I forgot to add it to my previous post!)... Continue Reading →

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