How To: Posament

How To: Posament

I get a lot of questions about how to create the knots used for posament. I created a handout showing step by step instructions on each of the common knots used. I’ve included a printable version of my instructions as well as a my documentation (because I forgot to add it to my previous post!)

I’ve also included some resources for purchasing tenntråd. If you have any other resources let me know and I’ll include them here. As always I’m happy to answer any questions that you have and would love feedback!

Happy knotting 🙂

Here is the documentation and instructions:

10th Century Birka Posament Final

Posament Binder

Resources for tenntråd:

Nordic Handcraft

Timeless Textiles

Types of Posament

Posament 6

Type A

Posament type A



Type B

Posament Type B



Type C

Posament type C



Type D
Posament type D



Type E

Posament type E



Type F

Posament type F



Type G

Posament type G



Type H

Posament type H



Type H and F

Posament type H and F



Small Square

Posament Small Square